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Who We Are

We believe games transform humanity. They inspire our minds, entertain our spirits, and allow us to establish a sense of camaraderie among fellow gamers. We believe a group of college kids can bring fun, excitement, inspiration, and friendship to the world. So we run a convention once a year, called BASHCon.

Join us in realizing the BASHCon Dream: bringing gaming, and its fantastic culture, to the masses.

BASHCon is Toledo's local gaming convention. We invite gamers of all backgrounds to play games of any kind for an entire family-friendly weekend.

For information about attending, please see our Attendee Information.

  • Convention Hours:
    • Friday: 5pm - midnight
    • Saturday: 9am - midnight
    • Sunday: 9am - 7pm

Join the Fun!

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Sponsors: Email our sales team at sales@bashcon.com if you would like to start a partnership with BASHCon.

Exhibitors: The Exhibitor Information Package will be available soon. Have any questions? Please contact us at exhibitors@bashcon.com.

Developers and Demonstrators: want to showcase your games at BASHCon? Send an email to programming@bashcon.com and we'll work together.

Do you want to contribute your talents to the show? Send a resume and optional cover letter to coordinator@bashcon.com and we'll get the ball rolling!

What's Happening

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About the BASHCon Foundation

Here at BASHCon, we're committed to serving the gaming community at our university, in our region, and across the country through our three main programs:
The BASHCon Foundation is led by the BASHCon Committee, which is a division of the University of Toledo Benevolent Adventurers' Strategic Headquarters (UT-BASH), a collegiate gaming organization in Toledo, Ohio, USA. You can find out more information by viewing our attendee information.